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40 More Books - October 2020 (gnv64)

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Name:40 More Books - October 2020 (gnv64)

A collection of 40 more books for your reading pleasure. Mostly sci-fi. & horror stories in PDF formats. All have OCR & covers, some have bookmarks:

17th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1976) by Herbert Van Thai (Ed.)
18th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1977) by Herbert Van Thai (Ed.)
19th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1978) by Herbert Van Thai (Ed.)
20th Pan Book of Horror Stories (1979) by Herbert Van Thai (Ed.)
Aurora - Beyond Equality (1976) by V.N. McIntyre and SJ. Anderson (Eds.)
Bitter Ends - The Complete Stories of Robert Bloch Volume 2 (1990)
Blood and Water and Other Tales (1988) by Patrick McGrath
Busy About the Tree of Life (1988) by Pamela Zoline
Changes (1983) by Michael Bishop and Ian Watson (Eds.)
Chrysalis 2 (1978) by Roy Torgeson (Ed.)
Ellery Queens Anthology #9 - Mid 1965
Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories (1976) by Peter Haining (Ed.)
Fantastic Memories by Maurice Sandoz
Ghouls in My Grave (1965) by Jean Ray
Horror Stories #3 (1970) by Herbert Van Thai (Ed.)
Horror Stories (1998) by Susan Price (Ed.)
Hot Sleep - The Worthing Chronicle (1980) by Orson Scott Card
Jethro Hammer (1943,1947) by Michael Venning (Craig Rice)
Machine Sex and Other Stories (1988) by Candas Jane Dorsey
Margaret and I (1971) by Kate Wilhelm
Masters of Darkness ID (1991) by Dennis Etchison
New Voices 4 (1981) by George R.R. Martin (Ed.)
Outsiders (1954) by William Tenn (Ed.)
Science Fiction Emphasis 1 (1974) by David Gerrold (Ed.)
The Apocalypse (1979) by Jeffrey Konvitz
The Cape Murders (1990) by Dolores Weeks
The Castle Keeps (1972) by Andrew J. Offutt
The Clone (1965) by Theodore L. Thomas and Kate Wilhelm
The Company of Saints (1984) by Evelyn Anthony
The Dead Sleep Lightly and Other Mysteries from Radio's Golden Age (1983) by John Dickson Carr
The Ghosts of Manacle (1964) by Charles G. Finney
The Living Demons (1970) by Robert Bloch
The Naked Blade by Frederick Faust
The Redward Edward Papers (1978) by Avram Davidson
The Science Fiction Bestiary (1971) by Robert Silverberg (Ed.)
The Walker- Through-Walls (1950) by Marcel Ayme
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 8 (1982) by Arthur W. Saha (Ed.)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 11 by Arthur W. Saha (Ed.)
To the Vanishing Point (1989) by Alan Dean Foster
World's Best Science Fiction 1967 by Donald A. Wollheim & Terry Carr (Eds.)

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